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The Services we offer

Prototyping & Design

Whether it’s a redesign or a new unique product, we explore style, shape, ergonomics, usability and preliminary functions of your virtual property. Showing the feel and texture of the design, our experts carry out rapid prototyping services to bring your idea to reality.

QA & Testing

With our vast validation tools, system, functional and interoperability testing protocols we ensure absolute quality and a high degree of reliability.

Web & Mobile Development

Using modern code libraries, architectures, and API systems, we develop secure, scalable and flexible applications across various platforms. We build for long-term maintainability, portability and upgradability.


We use broad range of CAD design formats and programs. Our services encompass Product Manual Images, Photorealistic Renderings, File Format Conversions, Architectural / Manufacturing / Technical / Commercial Drawings, and others.

About Us

EVOLVER LLC is a leading edge technology and software development company focused on delivering full spectrum of web and mobile custom solutions for diverse business verticals ranging from Startups to Large Enterprises across the globe.

Throughout the past decade, we kept ourselves abreast in evolving technologies and intensively stayed competitive to meet the growing demands of the fast, secure, scalable and interactive applications.

We have matured into a dependable partner for our client network providing them with end-to-end tech driven solutions, which in turn helped them cutting costs and expanding their horizon.

Evolver highly prioritizes its clients’ target needs and requirements, ensuring detailed analysis of their project scopes and sustaining the highest quality standards through the whole development life cycle.

Implementation of the best techniques, as well as the great level of our transparency, enables us efficiently bridging the gap between client goals and technology.

The main objective for us is to increase our customer loyalty by developing top notch applications for their use, so they can add values and generate revenue opportunities for their businesses.


The works we are proud of

Yerevan Museums

Yerevan Museums


Technologies Used

Android Application: Java
iOS Application: Swift3
Website & API: Laravel

If you are planning a visit to the museum this app is the easiest way to see what’s happening in the museums of Yerevan every day.

This app will help you discover museums in a fun and easy way, and virtually enjoy the outstanding collection. This app will remain in your pocket when you get home, so you can continue to enjoy the Museums of Yerevan anytime, anywhere.


  • Full listings of exhibitions, events, and how to visit the Museums locations
  • Availability to share an event, an exhibition or an exhibit
  • 3D floor maps of the Museums
  • 360 Virtual tours
  • Art collections with full descriptions are available in 10 languages (Armenian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Persian, English, Russian)
  • Audio guides are available in 10 languages (Armenian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Persian, English, Russian)
  • Museums visit related information (Working days and hours, Tickets, Good to know)




Technologies Used

Qartez 3D Mobile Applications (Android / iOS): Unity3D
Qartez Android Application: Java
Qartez iOS Application: Objective C
Website: WordPress CMS

Qartez is a 3rd generation multilingual app that leads users to their target coordinates across the Yerevan City, capital of Armenia.

This ideal search tool designed for residents and guests, brings the exact locations of various public and private entities: ATMs, banks, hotels, restaurants, governmental, medical, financial, and educational institutions, shopping centers, gas stations, travel, recreational, sightseeing, entertainment areas, service providers and many others.

Powered with amazing features it allows not only easily search, find, view different locations of described places, but also browse categories, nearby objects, organization names, and find the most robust and pierce information for them, such as post addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail accounts, working hours, to name a few. And in turn visit their websites, write e-mails, see the distances and trip shortest routes.

The application is lunched with VivaCell-MTS’s joint efforts, and is ready for Web, Android, and iOS platforms with Armenian, Russian and English availability.

Throughout Qartez Mobile Applications’ development process Evolver implemented all API integrations as well.




Technologies Used

Mobile Applications (Android / iOS): Unity3D
Website: PHP

An innovative virtual exhibition platform, where all comes together!

Expowl is a completely new alternative to a traditional exhibitions for hosting online and offline expos with exhibit booths, keynote presentations and networking into a 3D virtual environment.

Featured Functionalities:

  • With a powerful event registration tools, the participants can add their company logos, upload promotional materials, such as brochures, white papers, photos, videos, surveys, and card giveaways.
  • Exhibitors can connect to the booth visitors through the messenger service, or video chat.
  • Attendees are able to automatically select matching partners based on given parameters.
  • Listeners can browse exhibitor booths, engage in a discussion with a booth rep via chat or optionally by Webcam and collect information.
  • Personal organizer helps to save preferred company profiles, schedule meetings, business forums, plan negotiations, send and receive direct push-notification for start-time, master class presentations, etc.


  • Cuts on expenses;
  • Engages significantly more people to attend no matter of their geolocation;
  • Dramatically increases quantity of contacts and improves the conversion rate;
  • Provides new perspectives for business opportunities.

The Expowl Mobile App is available to download for iPhone or Android™ devices!

The API integrations for Expowl Mobile App were also carried out by Evolver.




Technologies Used

Website: PHP

Media-Box is a web-based solution that helps individuals and organizations to accurately manage any project data throughout its information lifecycle – from creation, to use, share, archive and deletion.

Storing, managing and utilizing data easily, swiftly and securely has been a big concern for all. But with Media-Box it is just a click away.

It offers a platform for project data storage, management, e-mail integration and collaboration.

Packed with advanced functionalities it is comprised of 4 major system parts: Settings, Users, Projects and Favorites:

Media-Box gives the ability to:

  • Create new users with hierarchy level & assign them specific roles and permissions;
  • Add projects, photos, videos, audios, documents and other file formats;
  • Create, process, modify, save and delete any data in user profile;
  • Set general, search, user and mail priorities;
  • View projects;
  • Search for projects by names, relevancy, date of creation and event;
  • Apply security controls.

Advanced Solutions Inc.

Advanced Solutions Inc.


Technologies Used

Website: WordPress CMS

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